Florence Welch

FLORENCE OSCARSNot only is her music absolutely beautiful; lyrically and otherwise, but the poetry and gracefulness to each song is exceptional! As well as this, the style and consideration to her presence and art in every single video and outfit that she wears is beautiful. Particularly her outfit worn to the Oscars.

Well done Florence, you’ve managed to pick yet another elegant and highly unique piece!

Tim Walker

Tim Walker; his work is my main source of inspiration, but above all he is the artist which I respect and admire the most.

The background to my blog is not my favourite pieces that he has created; it is only the first of his that I ever discovered. This is because I find it so difficult to choose my favourite. Not only are his ideas simply stunning, regarding the clothing featured and the overall ‘look’, but they also have such fascinating meaning and background. I discover a new magnificent piece every time I research his work and each is as thrilling as the next.

His recent venture into directing an adaption of the short story “The Lost Explorer” was another interesting project which I have yet to see in full. However stills that I have seen are just as promising and striking as any of his other work.

I aspire to become only half as talented as Tim Walker is.

Fashion Illustration – Howard Tangye – Topshop Oxford Circus

Seeing as this is my first post, I thought I would start with my visit to Topshop on the 18th of February to see one of my favourite artists and fashion illustrators; Howard Tangye give a master class. The great partnership between Topshop and the Design Museum was what initially excited me about the master class itself as I visit both establishments frequently!

To start with, the interesting setting; in the middle of the Lower Ground Floor in one of the busiest shops in London meant that it was pretty manic and cramped, however its expected really if it was to be held in Topshop itself. Even so, I think this added to the excitement and rarity of the occasion. Howard Tangye himself, an accomplished fashion illustrator who has a unique style and ability to highlight the most interesting aspects of a model or garment managed to triumph in my eyes. Using a model, who wore the yellow smoke split front dress featured in the current Topshop Unique Collection, he chose particular blocks of colour to be shown and created a fascinating piece.

Definitely a visit to remember.