Tim Walker

Tim Walker; his work is my main source of inspiration, but above all he is the artist which I respect and admire the most.

The background to my blog is not my favourite pieces that he has created; it is only the first of his that I ever discovered. This is because I find it so difficult to choose my favourite. Not only are his ideas simply stunning, regarding the clothing featured and the overall ‘look’, but they also have such fascinating meaning and background. I discover a new magnificent piece every time I research his work and each is as thrilling as the next.

His recent venture into directing an adaption of the short story “The Lost Explorer” was another interesting project which I have yet to see in full. However stills that I have seen are just as promising and striking as any of his other work.

I aspire to become only half as talented as Tim Walker is.


3 thoughts on “Tim Walker

  1. Tim Walker is an exceptional artist who bridges fashion and art. It’s nice to find a blogger who shares the same appreciation for his work! I’ve not heard of his “Lost Explorer” work–will he be exhibiting it in the future? I’ve recently moved back to the States from London, so I’m looking forward to reading more posts about your experiences there!

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