Anyone listen to Xposure with John Kennedy?

Just a quick post!

Recently, ‘Xposure’ with John Kennedy on Xfm is the show that I listen to often. Tonight, it featured a fantastic artist: Chris TT, lovley acoutic guitar and rhythm as well as some inspiring lyrics which include : “In the ten commandments, God never said ‘thou shalt not fail'” which I really enjoyed 🙂 he needs more hits! As well as many of the other artists featured on this show:


Gok Wan for Specsavers

I was thrilled to see an advert and a video advertising the new Gok Wan range at Specsavers. As a glasses wearer myself, looking for a new and more stylised frame I was amazed to stumble across it! As he has described it they should be more affordable frames and hopefully they will be less than my current Karen Millen frames which were around £100. In particular I was looking for a pair of 1950’s style, half frame tortoise shell glasses, more typically worn by men at the time and am hoping there will be a pair in the range similar, seeing as I’m not prepared to pay the amount that Ray Bans offer.

I was also pleased to see Gok Wan creating something really worth-wile as I do not normally agree with everything that he does.

Happy spec-hunting!