What an amazing evening I had yesterday!! I was invited to go and see a film called ‘Helter Skelter’ at at the British Film Institute. I had never seen a Japanese film before and was relieved to find it had subtitles and found that this didn’t affect how captivating the film was! It focused on the controversial topic of cosmetic surgery and took a very interesting angle which was at most times shocking and effectively scary but with the full-on glitz and ‘colour vomit’ that lends itself to being a typical Japanese-style film. I loved the vast quantity of fashion photo-shoots; one of my great passions, that were featured in the film and it opened my eyes to Japanese culture whilst using some beautiful imagery.

Of Course, what better way to spend our time whilst waiting for a film by shopping in Oxford Street and checking out the new Primark store where I bought a cute men’s floral print tie for myself for just a pound, and the Lana Del Rey and Anna Dello Russo collections for H&M. Not forgetting dinner; lots of money spent at Wasabi. The beautiful and funky Waterloo/Southbank area was also a great lead up to the film as well and made it such a great evening!!

I’m converted to a Japanese film lover!! As well as continuing my love for London of course.

Here is the link for the trailer:


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