FOLLOW FOLLOW …Listen while you stalk ❤ LANA WE LOVE YOU – I love the Baroque style that covers the whole site and recognise and love its popularity in the fashion world.  I love the fashion illustrations as well. – This particular page reminds me of my time in Paris this summer… – I LOVE THIS LADY. IM GOING TO BE JUST LIKE THIS WHEN IM HER AGE. – The London page, where my heart belongs! – beautiful black and white photography – I LOVE SUSHI. This blog makes me crave sushi so much!! – I love Gerhard Richter’s work or work whih is similar. I went to his exhibition in Paris at the Louvre in he summer and it was amazing. I bought his book which has been an endless soure of enjoyment! – I’ve been looking at this for my Fashion Promotion and Imaging work at University and it has been a really useful and interesting source of information and images.

I religiously read the Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine and have done for as long as I can remember and what a coinkydink that they feature an article on blogs just as I restart mine – tis fate 😉 The rest of these blogs are some that I have followed for a short or long time for different reasons; enjoy! 🙂



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