As a lover of costumes, glamour, and good old fashioned dancing, I’ve started to watch the new series of Strictly Come Dancing. I’m not too keen on the amount of fake tan, sequins or celebrity culture but I can’t ignore the fabulous costumes and especially the special performances. This week’s performance blew me away as it included the current cast of Top Hat which I really need to see!! The music, lighting, costumes and stunning tap performance was just my sort of thing and makes me wish so much that I lived around the time of Fred and Ginger. I would most definitely check this episode out as well as searching on youtube other performance;

For now, here are some glamorous stills and cute gifs from the original film! Enjoy 🙂 xoxo

(any pictures Fafter this get a bit blurry – so check it out!! Its way better wih sound anway!)


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