Last week I took a trip to the V&A to see one of the exhibitions on my list that I MUST SEE; Hollywood Costumes. The exhibition exceeded my expectations even though I knew it was going to be amazing. I saw some of my favourite costumes of all time from my favourite films of all time including; Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Moulin Rouge – the beautiful costume worn by Nicole Kidman for her ‘Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend’ performance, Atonement – the green dress, black swan – THE BLACK SWAN COSTUME WORN BY NATALIE PORTMAN (can you tell I liked that film?), Dorothy’s costume worn in The Wizard of Oz AND THE ORIGINAL RUBY SLIPPERS and THE WHITE DRESS WORN MY MARILYN MONROE. So I got a tad excited as I do when it comes to exhibitions and took ages to look around. The moving faces on the small screens above the mannequins was a great touch to the whole of the exhibition and really brought the pieces to life and the massive screens with stunning graphics in the second room (I believe it was) was breathtaking! I couldn’t believe that I was in the presence of so many incredibly famous costumes like the original superman costume, the costume used for the recent Batman film which I love and iconic films such as Titanic, Shakespeare in Love and Birds. I was so impressed by the grand scale of the exhibition and the focus and popularity that these costumes have gotten during this exhibition. I however was not impressed by some members of the general public who decided to push in and be quite rude at times as they seemed to forget the etiquette of exhibitions, but oh well! I’ve loved the V&A for  most of my life and it was so lovely to sit in the courtyard afterwards having purchased an Audrey Hepburn style cigarette holder that I’ve been searching for for ages and a JPG diet coke! To those interested in film and costume YOU MUST GO FOR OBVIOUS REASONS. But I would advise anyone to go as I think anyone can enjoy the experience and the value of the exhibition! xoxo


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