I’ve been making accessories and clothing inspired by recycling and reclaimed objects for a brief at University. I’ve had a hunt around my local charity shops for some inspiration which I haven’t done for ages and manages to find some amazing pieces!!

The above three pictures are earrings and a necklace made from kids toys found in a charity shop and beads.

In the three images above, I made one bracelet from rolled up paper which I then sewed together and glued on some of my found beads with a glue gun, another is rolled up napkin paper with this super funky floral pattern on it and sewed the pieces together and the last is rolled up pieces of fabric sewn together taken from a jacket that I found in a charity shop for £7!!

This is the jacket. I bought it and then unpicked all of the seams to take it apart and at the moment I’m creating a dress from the pattern pieces; great fun!

I then started to make accessories out of paper!

The images above show a cuff made from paper where I cut long strips and wove them together using a plain weave.

These images show this larger piece which I made, it kind of looks like armour!

I was so inspired by this brief and I try and shop in charity and vintage shops as much as possible because of the unique pieces that I always find for such great prices. A big thank you also to my friend Rosie for being an awesome model!!

OOH! Totally forgot to mention my friend’s jewellery blog. She featured an article on these pieces and I had a bit of a stalk and her stuff is amazing! She sells her jewellery on ASOS Marketplace which is amazing so check her stuff out!!


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