Seeing as I didn’t manage to make it into Uni today, I decided to do some work and have a mini shopping spree. I went to a shop in my local shopping centre called Tiger. If you’ve been to one before you’ll probably agree how there’s such a weird and interesting mixture of stuff on sale for such good prices. I’ve bought in there before an A3 art sketchbook with over 300 pages for about £5 which is amazing especially for an art student like me! I also go this cute little patterned china egg last Easter with beautiful golden trimmings for £2 – (as far as I remember!) which I store my pocket-watch in.

I love the Christmas decorations and tacky hats that they have in at the moment and often can’t leave without a cheeky buy! Today I got some amazing wool – well it’s polyester – in this fabulous coral colour and some 6.0 knitting needles made from bamboo.

I’m knitting a chunky scarf! May need some more of the ‘wool’!

I also got this beautiful golden angel as decoration for my Christmas tree. I love anything gold and shiny, I’m a bit of a magpie like that and so couldn’t resist this! There were quite a few different variations of this decoration which I may go back at a later date to get!
All of these items came to only £4!!!!! So it turned out to be a very good day with lots of Christmas presents and cards bought!


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