I was so shocked and amazed into silence (which is rare) when I found this BURGUNDY MAXI VELVET DRESS (pause for breath) in a charity shop near my house when I was out Christmas present shopping. YOU KNOW WHAT, IT GETS BETTER. It fits me LIKE A BLOOMIN’ GLOVE. I bought it because it was so beautiful and was £7 thinking that I could easily take it in to fit me but when I got home and tried it on it fitted me better than any other dress that I own. I’m so pleased with this and think that this dress is just my best argument for shopping in charity shops and hey, I donated that money to Cancer Research – fabulous!!!


Talking of Christmas shopping; I’ve recently visited some amazing Christmas events in London which I do try to go to most years and cannot stop raving about them! The first would be Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park which never fails to disappoint. We had some amazing food including mini Dutch pancakes with cinnamon and apple sauce, an amazing ‘red sausage’ from a European stall which had the most amazing spicy flavours and beautiful and apt mulled wine! The rides and lights were amazing as was every single stall which had a beautiful Christmas/German theme!
Me (on the right) with my penguin hat and another one ontop and my fellow blogger Jelka! I just had to wear my Christmas jumper and earrings when we went as well!

This was an amazing rotating bar that they had in the middle of Winter Wonderland! It was so funky!







The ice skating rink!! Absolutely stunning!!

A beautiful lantern illuminating every stall!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! xoxo



Recently I’ve been doing loads of print designs in my work which is so new to me and amazing! I found this amazing website a few years ago called which has some beautiful and unique fabric prints on some great fabrics. I recently uploaded my own print design and ordered some for myself to make a jewellery case. Now I’ve found that I can sell this print – wow! I’m so excited and am going to upload loads of more prints and eventually a picture of the jewellery case that I make using the fabric; which by the way got here way earlier than I had expected!


Since September I’ve been visiting my boyfriend who is at University in Portsmouth and while I’ve been there I’ve been able to visit the amazing set of shops at Gunwharf Quays. Almost all of the shops there happen to be boutiques which is just amazing. Seeing as I’m a student I can’t always afford the prices at Jack Wills or Ralph Lauren, but I’m managing to spend a good few hours there whenever I go down and finding some great bargains! Last time I was down I spent AGES in Yumi, one of my favourite stores of all time and got this stunning print dress for £10!!
001 I then did some clearance shopping and got a beauuutiful Jack Wills bra which had been discounted twice to a extremely decent £14 from £30!!! On top of this I managed to get some Christmas presents from another favourite store of mine; Cath Kidston and enjoyed window shopping in French Connection which had 50% and more discounts in store!!! Its a beautiful shopping centre with Spinnaker Tower as a great attraction and some beautiful views of the port.



‘Meet the Parents with eBay’

'Meet the Parents with eBay'