Over the weekend I went on a FAB trip to a shopping centre near me; Watford. I vowed not to spend any money but was LURED by my addiction to shopping, sales and my friend who is also addicted to shopping and loves a good bargain like me! We didn’t start very well as we went into Zara first AKA THE BEST SHOP EVER that also had a sale on! I got a super cute knitted navy and white striped strappy top – for the Summer for only £3.00! We went into so many shops and got some delicious cloudy lemonade and MASSIVE pretzels on the way – with our eyes set on only one thing…BARGAINS! Next stop was New Look where we both managed to purchase some sneaky children’s clothing!! I got this gorgeous blue dress and cute pink skirt – that I managed to fit into one of my Polyvore sets – both for £6 at Age 12-13!! Woo! We then went into Coast and tried on these STUNNING dresses, just for funsies and tried on the accessories too! SUCH A FUN AND RELAXING DAY 😀 xoxo



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