HIV positive Zimbabwean women design eco-bags from rubbish

I referred to this post in the project I have been working on recently and found these women so inspiring. I love that everyone wins with this project, the bags are even from a rubbish dump nearby so it’s helping to save the environment!

The bags are colourful and beautifully crafted. It’s hard to believe that these bags have been made from recycled plastic bags that have come from a rubbish dump in Harare, Zimbabwe and that no dyes have been used.

Peta Searle, a local woman is selling these bags at a Saturday flea market in Harare on behalf of the Zee bag project. Searle is involved in the project and explains how the bags are made.

The plastic bags are purchased in big sacks from people living at the dump who sort the rubbish. The bags are then washed and laid out to dry. The women from the project then choose the colours and design for their bags and cut the plastic bags into strips. The strips are then knotted together and rolled up like a big ball of string. The women then have their raw materials, which they use to crochet into bags.


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