So these are our costumes for the tea party! I would have photographed the making of mine but didn’t get round to it – sorry! But I can describe exactly how I made it! 🙂
I started by making a circle skirt but making the waist bigger to make the skirt fuller. I then made the bodice and moulded it first around a mannequin and then using my own measurements and myself. I attached the bodice to the skirt and then made the capped sleeves. I then added the white frill around the bottom of the sleeves and skirt. I then went onto make the apron. I started by cutting the doubled over semi-circle for the bottom of the apron and attached the white frill around the edge. I then made the straps that attached to the waist and over the shoulders and the added the square for the top of the apron!
I wore the costume with my pocket watch attached to the apron and a gold and pearl collar. I also had a matching pale blue ribbon in my hair and frilly socks!! We had a fab day with lots of tea and cakes – yummy!!!

971210_10151799749437905_146445221_n Untitled

This was my boyfriend Jack’s costume – he went as the Jack of Hearts!! He painted a board white and attached a string so he could wear it and then we drew on the card design with Sharpie pens. I did the top half, he did the bottom half!! He looked fab and had a card stuck to his face!!

jack of hearts


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