My very good friend and fellow fashion blogger has her blogs 1 year anniversary coming up -woo! I’m so pleased for her and her successes that she has experienced over the past year. She inspired me to create my blog and to show people what was going on in my head and I thank her so much for giving me the confidence!! For her anniversary post she has asked a few fashion bloggers, including myself to do a post on her new earrings – eek!!




She’s designed and handmade her new boxes to sell her products in. I think they’re so sweet and elegant!!

When I was thinking about how I would style and outfit for these earrings I thought of a few ideas. Maybe a gold and blue ensemble? A wild and mismatching outfit? An evening look to match the elegant earrings? I decided that these earrings could work with so many outfits for the evening or the daytime. I styled them with two outfits of my own. The first was to a friends smart/casual dinner party, where I wore them with some Next printed trousers, a black top, tan shoe boots, a burgundy hat and a scarf…

And the second was during the day in my first week of university when I went to see a film about Diana Vreeland. I wore my funky cotton Yuri dress, more about that later…!!
If you follow my link to her blog, do check it out and her earrings also!! 🙂 xx


One thought on “REVIEW: EARRINGS

  1. OLIVIA ! Your review is amazing. I can’t see any pictures yet cause I’m on ny phone but gosh golly! You said such nice things!!! You should definitely let me know your blog birthday! I want to shout you out too! I cant wait to see the outfit when I eventually get on the computer! But until then, thanks SO much for a wonderful review and being a wonderful friend :’)

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