During my blogging absence I have been super busy with my uni work but have also been lucky enough to go away for 3 days to Berlin with my boyfriend! We’ve both always wanted to go to the Christmas Markets and Berlin and decided to book it! We were so pleased and excited and on our arrival to Tegel airport and we bought our Berlin pass for 72hrs and got our bus to our hotel which was right near checkpoint Charlie. I found that almost straight away there was so much history to discover all around me that I could’t miss! The markets were the main reason for going, but the city of Berlin, steeped in history was something I’ve been dying to see, I hope you enjoy my pictures and commentary. I cannot recommend visiting the city enough and even though we did so much it felt as though there was still so much to do. I would also highly recommend the Christmas markets as they are out of this world! Everything was stunning and everyone was lovely! Thanks for reading!

IMG_5218 IMG_5227 IMG_4941 IMG_4958 IMG_4967 IMG_4971

There was the smell of wurst, nougat, roasted nuts, mulled wines and hot chocolate around every corner! An absolute feast on every stall!!

IMG_4981 IMG_4975 IMG_4986 IMG_4994

Beautifully intricate decorations and skilled crafts-people everywhere – i’ll be doing a christmas haul soon!!

IMG_4949 IMG_4948 IMG_4955 IMG_4976

I loved the bear sculptures that we saw around the city and just had to have a picture with a couple of them!IMG_4966IMG_5022IMG_5027IMG_5038IMG_5005IMG_5006IMG_5019This was part of the Berlin wall signed by David Hasselhoff! IMG_5014

I loved the Berlin Dom, it has such an interesting history as it is an important church cathedral during the reformation as well as being bombed by the RAF and then re-built by the allied forces. I love the architecture! IMG_5088IMG_5094IMG_5102IMG_5113IMG_5109IMG_5116IMG_5123IMG_5120IMG_5128IMG_5137IMG_5135IMG_5131IMG_5144IMG_5148IMG_5167IMG_5157IMG_5195IMG_5201IMG_5246IMG_5249IMG_5273

I couldn’t have survived the trip without my double-layered, long parka with its fur hood, my array of snuggly hats, my fury ugg boots, my Next pink faux fur snood or my accessorise poncho! It was cold and rainy but wonderful and I’ll do a presents post soon! Thanks for reading!!



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