As anyone who reads my blog may know, I exactly blog on a regular basis however much I love it or want to so I thought I would update everyone on what I’ve been posting recently elsewhere…


I still am very dedicated to IFB and recently joined the Next Blogger Network… so here are both of my profiles:

My name is oliviajohnson94 on Next Blogger Network

And by IFB profile link is: http://heartifb.com/members/oj94/profile/

My original Tumblr account where I post any work that I’ve done that’s slightly less serio than this blog is: oliviajohnson94.tumblr.com

And my Instagram is: instagram.com/oliviajohnson94 – which I do actually have posted onto my Tumblr!

My Pinterest account is: http://www.pinterest.com/OliviaJohnson94/ where I post strictly images that are related to my Fashion BS course

And my Polyvore account is: http://oliviaemilyjohnson.polyvore.com/


I’ve recently created another Tumblr account where I just post ‘stuff’ that I love, that inspires me, that is funny and quotes from my favourite pieces of literature. It’s a bit more fun if you like the sort of blog that is almost purely other people’s images and not being funny, it it makes me sigh with happiness when I look through all of the images so I would highly recommend it!


Hope you enjoy 🙂 xx


My very good friend and fellow fashion blogger http://madebyco-ge.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1 has her blogs 1 year anniversary coming up -woo! I’m so pleased for her and her successes that she has experienced over the past year. She inspired me to create my blog and to show people what was going on in my head and I thank her so much for giving me the confidence!! For her anniversary post she has asked a few fashion bloggers, including myself to do a post on her new earrings – eek!!




She’s designed and handmade her new boxes to sell her products in. I think they’re so sweet and elegant!!

When I was thinking about how I would style and outfit for these earrings I thought of a few ideas. Maybe a gold and blue ensemble? A wild and mismatching outfit? An evening look to match the elegant earrings? I decided that these earrings could work with so many outfits for the evening or the daytime. I styled them with two outfits of my own. The first was to a friends smart/casual dinner party, where I wore them with some Next printed trousers, a black top, tan shoe boots, a burgundy hat and a scarf…

And the second was during the day in my first week of university when I went to see a film about Diana Vreeland. I wore my funky cotton Yuri dress, more about that later…!!
If you follow my link to her blog, do check it out and her earrings also!! 🙂 xx


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvFijHzgEiQ&feature=relmfu …Listen while you stalk ❤ LANA WE LOVE YOU

http://www.annadellorusso.com/ – I love the Baroque style that covers the whole site and recognise and love its popularity in the fashion world.  I love the fashion illustrations as well.

http://facehunter.blogspot.co.uk/ – This particular page reminds me of my time in Paris this summer…



http://advancedstyle.blogspot.co.uk/p/wisdom-from-90-year-old-lady.html – I LOVE THIS LADY. IM GOING TO BE JUST LIKE THIS WHEN IM HER AGE.

http://streetpeeper.com/cities/london?type=street_peep – The London page, where my heart belongs!

http://www.patternity.co.uk/ – beautiful black and white photography



http://sushimi.tumblr.com/ – I LOVE SUSHI. This blog makes me crave sushi so much!!

http://www.lepetitenest.com/2012/07/gerhard-richter.html – I love Gerhard Richter’s work or work whih is similar. I went to his exhibition in Paris at the Louvre in he summer and it was amazing. I bought his book which has been an endless soure of enjoyment!

http://ca1tl1n.wordpress.com/tag/penguin-design-research/ – I’ve been looking at this for my Fashion Promotion and Imaging work at University and it has been a really useful and interesting source of information and images.

I religiously read the Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine and have done for as long as I can remember and what a coinkydink that they feature an article on blogs just as I restart mine – tis fate 😉 The rest of these blogs are some that I have followed for a short or long time for different reasons; enjoy! 🙂



Wow, what an amazing eclectic mix of pop culture, fashion and styling, music and quotes! I love Fab Ciraolo’s work and have done for some time. So beatiful and futuristic as a result of the cosmic background and hazy rainbow colour scheme teamed with the use of slogans, posters and quotes which create thought-provoking pieces. Stunning.