Had such fun with my most recent project! With the title of ‘Bricolage’ and the brief to make a piece per-person in a group of 4 and then to style and shoot the pieces to resemble a magazine, we were very excited. I think this is one of my strong points, and if you read my blog, you can see my previous pieces of work where I have used recycled or unexpected materials to create a garment or accessory piece.We were quite pleased with the outcome and were trying to emulate the edginess and grunge styling used in Dazed and Confused… So here are the pictures with the lovely Catherine to model!!

I made this piece – the crown using fake nails!!

Hope you enjoyed!!

Bricolage project presentation!

If you want to see the layout of our magazine pages check out my instagram page!! :

And here was one of the songs that we listened to while shooting that gave us inspiration!

Bastille – Of The Night


I decided that just before I went away on holiday that I would dye my hair myself! I had heard about the new L’oreal Paris Ombre hair kit and seeing as I’ve had my hair dip-dyed before I wanted to try it this time for a lot less money!! The packet cost me just over £6 which I thought was a very reasonable price. I had just had my hair cut and any of my remaining blond bits from my previous professional dye were gone! I would recommend that when you do this, your hair is straight, clean and if you can just after you have had it cut, like I did. I believe that this will give the best effect for your hair. So this is the contents of the box…


I found that the brush was really useful for applying the dye, and watch out for the smell of the bleach!! The mixing of each section was quick and easy as was the actual process. I liked having the choice myself of whereto apply the dye and with the lovely smell of the conditioner I wasn’t bothered by the smell of the products at all!

This is the creepy face that I pulled when I put on the gloves! If you haven’t dyed your hair before, I would suggest that you read all of the information properly, as this kit in particular gave me some helpful tips and safety precautions. I also had my good friend who knows a lot about hair dyeing to help me!


This was the back of my hair before I dyed it!



And the front!



And this is the final result after I curled it!! I was really pleased with the results and I would definitely recommend this product to others! But remember to wear old clothes when you’re doing it in case the dye touches any of your clothes!!



I also helped my friend Rosie to dye her hair pastel pink – doesn’t she look fab!!!





I don’t usually do beauty posts, so I hope everyone enjoyed it! 🙂 xx