Had such fun with my most recent project! With the title of ‘Bricolage’ and the brief to make a piece per-person in a group of 4 and then to style and shoot the pieces to resemble a magazine, we were very excited. I think this is one of my strong points, and if you read my blog, you can see my previous pieces of work where I have used recycled or unexpected materials to create a garment or accessory piece.We were quite pleased with the outcome and were trying to emulate the edginess and grunge styling used in Dazed and Confused… So here are the pictures with the lovely Catherine to model!!

I made this piece – the crown using fake nails!!

Hope you enjoyed!!

Bricolage project presentation!

If you want to see the layout of our magazine pages check out my instagram page!! :

And here was one of the songs that we listened to while shooting that gave us inspiration!

Bastille – Of The Night


I found these fab Fashion cards by Connie Lim! I found them on the internet and they are fierce, surreal and stunning! She is obviously very talented!

Connie Lim 54 Hand Drawn Card Illustrations Inspired by Fashion

Connie Lim

Connie Lim

I love that even the hair, or fabric or headscarf has club or hearts etc included in it in this piece!

Check out her Kickstarter link!


I had such an inspiring and interesting day today at uni. We had to participate in this induction for, from what I can see, our state of the art digital print and screen printing facilities here at UCA Epsom.
After getting to know the basics, we were given a task to create a collage using Photoshop and prints. My group of three came up with this idea…


Here is our work in progress!

It was great fun, and we had loads of ideas!  We were primarily looking through the images found in this fab book!

Here is our final print coming out!!


We were very pleased with it!
Hhadd some great music to listen to as well…
Purity Ring – Grandloves (album)

We then moved onto the screen printing process!!

We had to first clean the screens, then cover the screens with UV sensitive solution. We then cut up our positive photograph and placed it underneath the screen and exposed both to the UV light. We then printed through the screen to create our prints using magenta ink!!



My final outcome!!

As an experiment, we then printed over the top of the previous groups black screen print with our magenta print!

Love the results! What a great day!


So now that I am fully enroled onto my BA Fashion course I thought I would tell you guys about my moving in, my beautiful room and house, my university and first week experiences!! I’m still working out how to budget, and being a fashion student can be very expensive because of all the materials and equipment we need to buy, so it isn’t easy! I must say, it was interesting going through the stage of thinking that I was incredibly poor and writing Haiku about being a poor student shopping in ASDA. Managed to get pate for 65p though which made my day; fortunately I have a boyfriend that is very good at maths and can work out which is cheaper, 160 tea bags or 80.

If you’ve read my blog before, you may know that I am studying in Epsom at UCA. I really like the area, the shops and the people and even the Boogie Lounge, our local ‘club’ is quite endearing. The first freshers event was called ‘rubbish start to freshers’ where we had to wear bin bags. Some people got creative, and as I found out about the event last minute, I went for a white tail and unicorn horn. Fabulous. Hope you guys like the pictures!!

My duvet sets!


My bin!! From Dunelm Mill

GET A PRINTER! It’s so much cheaper!!


Mannequin and pin sets – from my textiles teacher!!


As a fashion student, I have lots of fabric and Indian fabric as well that I got for a small amount of money that I’ve draped over my mirror, chest of drawers and what not!


It might be a bit late, but here are my University tips for anyone who’s listening!!

  • If you can afford it, get two duvet and pillow sets so you don’t have to worry about having to clean one, plus you can get such funky prints that can change completely how your room looks – how fun!
  • Be confident, be sociable and be confident in your own skin. You will find people like you, it’s university, it’s a diverse place!!
  • Be organised and do your work but have fun!
  • Take loads of plastic bags and reuse them. Seriously, I didn’t realise how much I needed them until now.
  • Nick as much as you can from home before you leave! MWUAHAHHA!

Go to charity shops to find cute and cheap little things like teacups – so sweet!
I got this flower jug from home but you get what I mean!

My outfits from this week!!

So I’ve now decided to start a weekly post on my blog of the things I get up to, the work that I’ve done, my achievements, my not so good achievements (!), my experiences, interesting artists and designers that I discover and anything else that I find interesting!
Hope you guys enjoy!! 🙂 xx


So these are our costumes for the tea party! I would have photographed the making of mine but didn’t get round to it – sorry! But I can describe exactly how I made it! 🙂
I started by making a circle skirt but making the waist bigger to make the skirt fuller. I then made the bodice and moulded it first around a mannequin and then using my own measurements and myself. I attached the bodice to the skirt and then made the capped sleeves. I then added the white frill around the bottom of the sleeves and skirt. I then went onto make the apron. I started by cutting the doubled over semi-circle for the bottom of the apron and attached the white frill around the edge. I then made the straps that attached to the waist and over the shoulders and the added the square for the top of the apron!
I wore the costume with my pocket watch attached to the apron and a gold and pearl collar. I also had a matching pale blue ribbon in my hair and frilly socks!! We had a fab day with lots of tea and cakes – yummy!!!

971210_10151799749437905_146445221_n Untitled

This was my boyfriend Jack’s costume – he went as the Jack of Hearts!! He painted a board white and attached a string so he could wear it and then we drew on the card design with Sharpie pens. I did the top half, he did the bottom half!! He looked fab and had a card stuck to his face!!

jack of hearts


Last week-end my boyfriend and I were invited to a fancy dress party with an Alice in Wonderland theme! We were so excited and made our costumes ourselves (pictures will be up soon!! Or you can follow me on instagram to see them!! ). We also made our friend a tea box for her birthday. It took a while, but we were so excited, we bot it done after several different hinges and trips to Hobbycraft, Homebase and B&Q! I decided to use decoupage to decorate the box and chose this cute blue and green floral print that I got from Hobbycraft. We used very thin balsa wood in the box to create the sections where the teabags would be held. It took a while to get the box spot on but in the end it looked fantastic and our friend loved it!!
photo (10)

photo (11)

Before we put the lid on!

photo (12)

photo (13)

photo (15)


photo (16)

photo (17)

photo (18)

photo (7)

photo (8)

photo (19)

The finished product with tea inside!!



In December I posted about a fabric print that I had made up from ( )and then how I made this into a Jewellery Wrap;
Well I then had a request from my boyfriend’s mum to make a curtain for her for their bathroom using my fabric. We went for cotton voile in the end because it would look delicate and sweet and so I just hemmed the fabric that she ordered and added a gathering stitch at the top! It looks fab! So here are some pictures for everyone!
photo (5)
photo (9)
photo (6) – the link in case anyone wants to buy some!