CLUB TO CATWALK – London fashion in the 1980’s – EXHIBITION REVIEW

Today I managed to finally visit the Club to Catwalk exhibition at the V&A!! I was so excited and managed to get some sketches done and a cheeky video even though sketching wasn’t allowed!!! Not happy with that!! You can check out my video on my instagram: oliviajohnson94.
There are particular areas in fashion and certain designers from the 1980’s that I don’t know much about and I had such a good time learning about them. It opened my mind and I loved to see so many garments in front of me!! The two floors of the exhibition, jam packed with everything 80’s including, in my opinion, amazing music were surrounded by the wealth of fashion history that is permanently displayed at the V&A. Unfortunately no pictures! But do go and visit for yourselves!!! It was so much fun! Do tell me about your visit as well!
My favourite designers from the exhibition would have to have been Wendy Dagworthy and Zandra Rhodes (an alumni of my university!!). I loved everything there though to be honest. I loved the knitwear, the exhibition design, the androgony and the feature on the clubs and the Blitz magazine demin jacket commissions. CHECK IT OUT!!!

I had a look at the permanent fashion collection as well, got some pictures and did some sketches…



Ossie Clark & Celia Birtwell












1920’s + 1930’s


Excellent sculpture by Rodin


I went to a great thrift store in the East End a while back and got some great pieces!!
You can fill a bag for £10 or £20 and this is what I got!!
photo (14)

Loved this funky denim jacket with a thick lining, so warm for the Winter!!
photo (12)
photo (11)

Another warm winter, corduroym burgundy shirt – eek!!
photo (10)

Loved this blue shirt which I’ve worn on its own and with a wait-high, a-line, stripey skirt!
photo (13)

This jumpsuit fitted perfectly!!

Trying on our jumpsuits!! – such a fun day!!


In December I posted about a fabric print that I had made up from ( )and then how I made this into a Jewellery Wrap;
Well I then had a request from my boyfriend’s mum to make a curtain for her for their bathroom using my fabric. We went for cotton voile in the end because it would look delicate and sweet and so I just hemmed the fabric that she ordered and added a gathering stitch at the top! It looks fab! So here are some pictures for everyone!
photo (5)
photo (9)
photo (6) – the link in case anyone wants to buy some!


During one of my shopping trips recently to Shepherd’s Bush Market I went into a charity shop; Traid, and managed to find this gorgeous, on-trend cropped bouclé jacket with lovely ruffled tulle trim! It was Marks& Spencer size 10 which actually fitted me really well over my chunky knit which is so practical – woohoo! ONTOP OF THAT, the shop was having a sale and it was only £4!! Plus I’m giving to a fab charity! Here’s the link to their website if you’re interested; you might just find a post on here with more info about the shop at a later date because I LOVE RECYCLED, VINTAGE & CHARITY SHOP FASHION. Enjoy!! 😀 xoxo011


I was so shocked and amazed into silence (which is rare) when I found this BURGUNDY MAXI VELVET DRESS (pause for breath) in a charity shop near my house when I was out Christmas present shopping. YOU KNOW WHAT, IT GETS BETTER. It fits me LIKE A BLOOMIN’ GLOVE. I bought it because it was so beautiful and was £7 thinking that I could easily take it in to fit me but when I got home and tried it on it fitted me better than any other dress that I own. I’m so pleased with this and think that this dress is just my best argument for shopping in charity shops and hey, I donated that money to Cancer Research – fabulous!!!


Talking of Christmas shopping; I’ve recently visited some amazing Christmas events in London which I do try to go to most years and cannot stop raving about them! The first would be Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park which never fails to disappoint. We had some amazing food including mini Dutch pancakes with cinnamon and apple sauce, an amazing ‘red sausage’ from a European stall which had the most amazing spicy flavours and beautiful and apt mulled wine! The rides and lights were amazing as was every single stall which had a beautiful Christmas/German theme!
Me (on the right) with my penguin hat and another one ontop and my fellow blogger Jelka! I just had to wear my Christmas jumper and earrings when we went as well!

This was an amazing rotating bar that they had in the middle of Winter Wonderland! It was so funky!







The ice skating rink!! Absolutely stunning!!

A beautiful lantern illuminating every stall!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! xoxo