As anyone who reads my blog may know, I exactly blog on a regular basis however much I love it or want to so I thought I would update everyone on what I’ve been posting recently elsewhere…


I still am very dedicated to IFB and recently joined the Next Blogger Network… so here are both of my profiles:

My name is oliviajohnson94 on Next Blogger Network

And by IFB profile link is: http://heartifb.com/members/oj94/profile/

My original Tumblr account where I post any work that I’ve done that’s slightly less serio than this blog is: oliviajohnson94.tumblr.com

And my Instagram is: instagram.com/oliviajohnson94 – which I do actually have posted onto my Tumblr!

My Pinterest account is: http://www.pinterest.com/OliviaJohnson94/ where I post strictly images that are related to my Fashion BS course

And my Polyvore account is: http://oliviaemilyjohnson.polyvore.com/


I’ve recently created another Tumblr account where I just post ‘stuff’ that I love, that inspires me, that is funny and quotes from my favourite pieces of literature. It’s a bit more fun if you like the sort of blog that is almost purely other people’s images and not being funny, it it makes me sigh with happiness when I look through all of the images so I would highly recommend it!


Hope you enjoy 🙂 xx



I signed up to IFB recently, a site recommended to me by my good friend and fellow blogger http://madebyco-ge.blogspot.co.uk/! As far as I can tell it looks really interesting and beneficial for my blog and myself! I really want to be able to blog more about my work that starts when I begin my Fashion BA at University this month. I want to be able to get my ideas out there to anyone who is interested whether it be about fashion, crafts, projects that I’ve been up to, DIY or just outfit posts. Thanks for reading so far!!