I had such an inspiring and interesting day today at uni. We had to participate in this induction for, from what I can see, our state of the art digital print and screen printing facilities here at UCA Epsom.
After getting to know the basics, we were given a task to create a collage using Photoshop and prints. My group of three came up with this idea…


Here is our work in progress!

It was great fun, and we had loads of ideas!  We were primarily looking through the images found in this fab book!

Here is our final print coming out!!


We were very pleased with it!
Hhadd some great music to listen to as well…
Purity Ring – Grandloves (album)

We then moved onto the screen printing process!!

We had to first clean the screens, then cover the screens with UV sensitive solution. We then cut up our positive photograph and placed it underneath the screen and exposed both to the UV light. We then printed through the screen to create our prints using magenta ink!!



My final outcome!!

As an experiment, we then printed over the top of the previous groups black screen print with our magenta print!

Love the results! What a great day!



I cannot describe my love for this song, video and monologue and in fact I’m finding it increasingly hard to stop myself raving about Lana Del Rey. It sends shivers down my spine and makes me want to cry. I thought I would keep my crazy romantic ranting to myself and let you all enjoy the beauty of this piece of art.

‘The songs I’ve written are an homage to true love and a tribute to living life
on the wild side.’

Lana Del Rey

I may have had a bit of a ‘Lana-fest’ over the week-end….

DICTIONARY DEFINITION: ‘Lana-fest’; when one listens non-stop to the artist Lana Del Rey over a long period of time and most probably talks non-stop about the artists also as well as looking up gifs, photos, videos, interviews and the artists’ merchandise. One might say that this person is a bit weird.


Last week, I happily and maybe more than willingly revisited my childhood by going to Oceana in Watford to see my favourite band of the 90s; S Club. 3 of my dear South London friends and I trecked all the way from Epsom to Watford and waited until 1am for three of the original 7 members of the band; Jo (my favourite), Bradley and Paul (the one that left ((it’s cool we still love you)) (((how dare you leave WHY PAUL, WHY.))) ) to perform all the hits that made our childhoods so amazing. We got crushed in the process, you wouldn’t believe how mad the crowd went, which most definitely included me, and pretty much broke our feet, but after all these years seeing them again and being so close was totally worth it! I’m sure all that were there would agree and I can tell that most of you that didn’t attend are really jealous hehe!

And of course our friend Sophie made the most amazing cake! If you couldn’t already tell, its a baby monkey riding backwards on a pig!! 😀 xoxo

Florence Welch

FLORENCE OSCARSNot only is her music absolutely beautiful; lyrically and otherwise, but the poetry and gracefulness to each song is exceptional! As well as this, the style and consideration to her presence and art in every single video and outfit that she wears is beautiful. Particularly her outfit worn to the Oscars.

Well done Florence, you’ve managed to pick yet another elegant and highly unique piece!